What amazing children!

So we had an impromptu walking trip today when we found out the Mountain View hockey team was playing in the Hockey Day in Collingwood semi finals (which they won by the way!)
We then hit the Rock Shop as part of our Rocks and Minerals unit where the wonderful people there gave us each a mineral and a question answer period!
Your children made me so proud! They cheered, were incredibly well behaved, polite and displayed exactly the type of behaviour that allows us to do these kind of wonderful extensions!!
So proud!





Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind, thoughtful and wonderful gifts! I absolutely love teaching your children and the change in them in four short months is huge! You never need to get me anything but please know I appreciate and will certainly enjoy the treats, clothes and gift cards! Have a wonderful and merry Christmas! Thanks again and I will see everyone again in two short weeks (don’t forget their bathing suits first day back!)

Our café

What a huge success! You children rock! They spent an hour and a half playing games they made to share the novels they’ve studied. Creative, cooperative, wonderful!




Speeches and upcoming events

I have added the speech outline to the Google Classroom as well as under the ‘Language’ section of my blog.  Please don’t let your child stress about this.  I was late getting it started and will give them lots of time in class in the new year!

Also, we have been working on a Readers Theatre performance of ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’.  We will share it with some of the primaries tomorrow.

Finally- This Friday we will be having our final Literature Circle Cafe.  If your children could bring in some snacks or drinks for 5-7 people in their group, they will enjoy a little ‘party’ as they share the books they’ve read through games, picture books, top ten lists etc.  They’ve done a wonderful job and this party is a great way to have them share their thoughts on the book they’ve read in a creative way!


A big thanks to Mr. Rennie for organizing two full days of cross country skiing at Duntroon Highlands.  The two dates are January 10th and 31st.  There are two permission forms coming home today.  One is the school form and the other is the high risk form.  Please send both back as soon as possible.  There is also an order form for hot lunches that are available from Duntroon Highlands on these dates.  If you’d like something please send in the extra money for that.  I haven’t attached a specific order form, just have your child tell me what they’d like when they bring in their payment.  The cost for these two days of skiing is $38 which includes the cost of the bus as well as a subsidy from the school council.  If the cost is an issue please send back the permission forms and let either myself or someone in the office know.  These will be two great days!