Morning everyone!  I have had a few parents email me through the blog.  If you do have  a specific question, please include an email address to respond to you at.  I’m not able to respond directly through the blog.

That being said – Spelling work is due today and every Monday.  If for some reason your child doesn’t get words or forgets a book, they can do the activities on a separate piece of paper and make up 5 words they struggle with.

There is ‘Caribou Math’ this week.  This is a math competition that started at Guelph University (I believe) and children around the world take part in.  Everyone in grade 4 is more than welcome to take part!  No registration is necessary – they will simply do to the library at the designated time.

Swimming today – but next Monday is a PD day so no swimming.

Slide shows

Your children are generally done their slide shows for tomorrow. If they need to do any work, they should log into their google account and then go to google slides. We use the google platform for most work because it so easily works between home / school and different computers!

Painting math games and google slide shows

Today we are putting the final touches on our math games. Your children are also finishing up Google Slide shows about the physical region of Canada they’ve been assigned. Please ask them about their learning and if they can spend 30 minutes this weekend finishing their 5 slides it would be great!





Meet the teacher

So tonight is the big ‘meet the teacher’. I told the class to meet at 5, but it turns out 5:15 is the designated meeting time for juniors. So, if everyone is able to come around for 5:15 I can introduce myself to everyone, explain the programming and answer questions! See everyone shortly!

Great day

We started building our math games today! On top of that- the responsibility to work when outside of the wood shop was fantastic! Give all your children a treat tonight!