For Monday – the red team members are bringing in ceasar salad materials (croutons, dressing and parm)… everyone else should bring a bowl / plate and fork!!

There will be a math test on Monday as well covering angles, vertices, faces, edges, lines of symmetry and naming shapes (triangular based pyramid, hexagonal prism etc)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Science Fair Results

A huge shout out to everyone for this years’ Science Fair!  The projects were among the best I have seen!

The following were grade fours who won in each of the three categories…

In Life Sciences – Caleb was first, Reece second and Raya was third!  Honorable mention went Elias as well!

In Engineering – Archie was first, Trevin second and Devon third!

In the Physical Science division – Nathan was first, Beatrice second and Lucas third!

Amazing job! Congratulations!

Science Fair

Don’t forget that science fair projects are being set up in the gym this afternoon.  Judging occurs tomorrow and parents are invited to check them all out in the gym until 7pm Wednesday (children to NOT need to be there for this!).

Thanks again for all of your support with this!

Science Fair Tuesday

It was close but pretty much everyone went home with all of their writing for their Science Fair bulletin board.  Please find the time to put these onto their bristle board and bring them to school Tuesday!!  They will be set up Tuesday afternoon in the gym!

Great job done by all!

Science Fair and Business Fair!

Everyone is making great progress on their Science Fair projects!  Please aim to have observations completed by Thursday so we can write the Observation, Conclusion and Application (if applicable) on Thursday and Friday.

Also, Thursday is the grade 8 business fair!  There are a wide array of treats/food/snacks etc and order forms went home yesterday.  Please return these tomorrow so the grade 8’s are prepared!   If you haven’t been involved in this in the past, the Grade 8’s raise money for their Muskoka Woods trip.



Science Fair

Thanks to everyone who has already conducted their experiment.  I told the class today that the goal should be to conduct the actual experiment this week so that ‘observations’, ‘conclusions’ and ‘applications’ can be done.  If you are able to take some pictures of the science fair to support the observations it certainly helps!



We have started a geometry unit and are dreadfully low on protractors.  If everyone who does math with me could pop by the dollar store and buy their child a protractor for Monday – it would be VERY helpful!