A final blog – a couple days late- to say thanks for an amazing year! Your children are fantastic and helped me, as a teacher, to feel invigorated and energized. I want to thank all of you for your gifts, cards and kind words; as well as for your involvement and support throughout the year. Together, I believe your children had a year to remember. Mountain View is an incredible school. I am incredibly appreciative of the community, my administration and colleagues who have created this exceptional environment we all enjoy. Have a wonderful summer and again- my thanks to all of you and your children.

Next Week!

First of all – great job by all of the children on today’s performance!!  Camp Mountain View rocked!


Next week is coming together – Tuesday will be our walking trip to carry out our ‘environmental initiatives’ that the class has created.  We will be gone for the day so please pack a good lunch, comfy shoes and sunscreen.  We will enjoy a picnic somewhere along our travels!  If you’d like to join us please come along!

Wednesday will be our ‘Ancient Civilizations’ Day as well as an end of year celebration.  Everyone will dress in costume and is asked to bring in some food from their assigned ancient civilization.  We will have ancient games, food and costumes.  Families are invited to join us around 2:30 for a slide show and to play games that your children have coded!!!  I hope to see you all here!

Thanks again!

Swimming Update

Unfortunately I have some bad news!  I was looking forward to having parents in Monday to join us for a swim, games and a slide show of the year – however the pool is no longer available!  I have asked them to let me know if another time becomes available, but for now we will have to figure out another day to have a year end celebration. So, no swimming next Monday – unless I’m told otherwise, yesterday was our last 🙁      It has been great to see their improvement though!  I will keep you posted for next week.  I could use some volunteers for a walking trip day (likely Tuesday), and I will aim to have a year end celebration Wednesday that will tie in with our ‘Ancient Civilizations’ Unit.

Medieval Times

Just a reminder that the bus departs at 8 am from school. Please try to be there ten minutes prior.
We will have the school send out an email to you during our return trip to let you know if we will be able to catch the busses home or not.
Thanks. Should be a great day!


Tomorrow is swimming! Don’t forget your suits and towels!
Friday is medieval times. The bus departs at 8 am so please be at the school by 7:50