Upcoming Events

Welcome back from March Break!  This week has flown bye so I am a little bit late getting this out.  Swimming is postponed because the pool is struggling with some staffing issues.  Please don’t send in any money right now.  I will wait until I have confirmation on the number of weeks we will be able to go, and then I will send something formal home for money needed.

Secondly: We will be going skating as a class next Wednesday.  There is no charge for this (the mayor of Collingwood has made this available to us).  We will be walking to Eddie Bush and skating from 12-1.  If you would like to join us feel free!  Everyone needs either a hockey helmet or a skiing helmet (no bike helmets are allowed).  I am sending home a permission form tonight.  If you have extra skates or helmets to share with someone who doesn’t could you please send me a note (either paper or respond to this blog) and I will try to help get everyone accomodated.

Finally:  I’ve been working with our French teacher to organize a French themed cooking day to coincide with french lessons.  It is tentatively booked for next Thursday although this may change.  I will give you more info as we get closer but I will likely need mixing bowls, hot plates etc… Should be very exciting!  Again, if you are interested in joining us for this please let me know!

Sorry for the long blog!

Swimming after March Break

I’m happy to let all of you know that we will be continuing to swim after the March Break!

We will continue on Mondays which works out very well!  There has been a lot of improvement in your children, and several instructors have commented on this as well!

The cost for the next session will be $20, which again is only $2 per lesson.  Feel free to send this in after the break.

Thanks again, and I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe March Break!


Parents – we are swimming today.  Apparently it was not in the week at a glance.  It is quite likely that swimming will continue after the March Break as well (although likely on a different day of the week).  I will blog it out once it is confirmed.  If you didn’t send a bathing suit and towel today it would be great if one could get dropped off before 1:30.



The literature circle role that we were to have done yesterday, then today – has be postponed again until Monday.  Please remind your child to bring it on Monday.  Thanks!

Magic of Children in the Arts

The Magic of Children in the Arts is hosting an art show at the Collingwood Public Library.  Your child has entered a piece of art that will be on display from March 4- April 28, 2018.  The artwork will be displayed throughout the library by grade level.  I hope you are able to bring your family and friends to enjoy your child’s artwork.

There will also be a Magic of Children in the Arts Awards Reception held Saturday April 7 from 1pm-4pm at the Collingwood Public Library for families that are able to attend.

Science fair results

I thought I’d share the results from our grade 4’s!
In the Earth studies category – 1st went to Davis and 2nd went to Quinn and Landon.
In the Engineering division 3rd went to Grant, 2nd to San and 1st went to Grayden!
In the Physical sciences- honourable mention to Blaine, 3rd to Liam, and 1st to Rae.
And finally, in the Life Sciences, honourable mention to Aine and a 2nd to Arden!

Congratulations to everyone! They were fantastic!

Science Fair

Just a reminder that finished Science Fair projects need to be brought to class on Tuesday for set up in the gym.  Thanks to everyone who has already brought them in.  I will attach a picture of an exemplar shortly!

Thanks and have a very happy family day!